Your Junk Car for Cash – Get the Most Money from a Junk Car Today

Clunkers, wrecked vehicle, damaged cars? Get paid today! Our company gives you the best price for your junk car.

When you request our services, we pick up and remove the vehicle within an hour.

Almost everyone who calls us says that they are going to shop around a little more to see what other people will pay them, and then they always end up calling back. They find out that we almost always pay the most for vehicles, and if we can’t, then we try to find someone who will. We have a large network of car buyers that all do different things with cars. We want to assist you in selling your car, and if we are unable to buy your vehicle we will look for someone that will. Unlike some, when we say we’ll be there in one hour, we mean one hour. – We value your time, and business.

Our junk car removal company pays top dollar for any vehicle running, wrecked, or junk. Regardless of what is wrong with it, meaning even if your car has a bad engine or is 30 years old we pay cash for junk cars. In most cases, we can pay you and tow away your vehicle within 24 hours.

If you live in Sandy Springs, or in the area, and have a junk vehicle on your property, we’ve built a network of salvage yards and auto dismantlers that specialize in removal of auto junk and Georgia salvage cars, no matter the condition it’s in. Better yet, we take care of all the details on the phone. We’re experienced in getting you paid the most money for your car. There are no upfront fees, no week long waits for appraisals and no waits on title transfers.

Contact us today (678-984-3178) for an estimate of what we will pay for your vehicle


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